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April 5 2021 Headed to Nepal and attempt Everest via the Southern route

2020 January 17 Vinson Summit, # 5 of the Seven Summits

7 Summits Peaks #5 Carstensz Pyramid Indonesia, advanced training and body cleanse has begun 38 days prior to our Climb. Training at our Summit Peaks Lodge at 9,350 FASL (feet above sea level) and the surrounding mountains up to 14,000 FASL provide the perfect environment to prepare for the 16,000+ objective. As the expedition begins there will be daily podcasts so YOU can learn about the far away land of Papua Indonesia from the HIGHEST island peak in the WORLD.

Using sleds to advance up the Glacier and our 1st glimpse of the "Great One" Completely story book landscape!

The Famous Western Buttress and Flying into Denali Base camp from Talketna

Training for The Great One, Denali at 13,000 + feet above sea leval

Gear needed to prepare for a Denali, BIG mountain climb. Thanks Active Endeavors for your assistance in gearing up!

Ben Nevins The highest peak in Scotland. Nasty weather made this rim route a bit chilly, but well worth the trip.

The Kingdom of Bhutan, They measure GNH Gross National Happiness not GNP;)

Denali 2018 1st attempt on the West Buttress! Son Hunter looking strong!

Blessed to summit Killi in 2009 a second time with Son Hunter doing the Western Breach, the 1 st time since the closure when many died in a tragic rock slide!

2017 Our crew climbing Triglav, Slovenia's highest peaks! Great fun but we did have a one day weather delay!

Climbing with my Colorado team we witnessed this YETI scull in a Nepalese Monastery coming down from EBC ( Everest Base Camp) UNBELIEVABLE!

Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu with only local provisions and no maps, guides nor governmental approval;)