About us at Peaks Podcast

I have been climbing, hiking and basically enjoying the wilderness for most of my life. Under the guidance of my father ( an outdoor enthusiast), Boy Scouts and self exploration, my hobby has grown into a LIFE LONG PASSION. The two huge benefits of my passion are climbing with my Wife, Sandy and three Children, Hunter, Nichole and Gabby. Secondly, climbing with my Colorado group and the many others I have met along the way. With the friendship of many like-minded souls we have had adventures around the globe with many hopefully still to come! I would like to Give a BIG shout out tho Mountain Trips and Active Endevours for their guidance on the 7 Summits and my specialized equipment needs. Over many decades I have been asked hundreds of questions such as" What it is like to spend weeks sleeping on a slab of ice in a cold tent or to spend the same amount of time pooping into a 8" diameter bucket" Well now is the time to answer your possible questions and uncover some of the secrets of mountaineering. MOST importantly, is our Fundraiser for Kids at risk where we have raised over $12,000! 100% of all funds raised go directly to kids and we have been blessed to help many many children. We still trying to help my kids reach their potential so your generosity is appreciated...THANKS! ALL donations can be made directly though jjustin@bbbs-mv.org and receive a full tax deduction through our 501C! THIS IS WHAT I CLIMB FOR. Oh Yes when you donate you will be added to a SPECIAL VIP distribution list for near LIVE updates on the LAST 3 of the 7 SUMMITS!