Climbing the 7 Summits and training Peaks

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2002 Aconcagua Summit, 7 Summit #2 With my Colorado Climbing group

Mount Fuji 3,776M/ 12,388' with Son Hunter Japan Highest Summit The Weminuch Wilderness Southern Colorado with Co. Daughter Nikki climbing in Yosemite Climbing group established 30 year ago;)

Carstensz Pyramid 16,024' Punkac Jaya

Mount Snow (Xueshan 3,886 M/ 12,749') Tiawan 2x Summiting Kilimanjaro 5,895 M/ 19,341' with Hunter Western Breach Route 7 Summit #1

Snowman Trek Butan apx. 5,000M/16,404 ' Toubkal 13,671 Morocco (High point)

Yosemite Half Done 8,839' with daughter Nikki Elburus 18,510 7 Summit #3 with Son Hunter

Pyrenees and Dolomite Mountain Ranges

Svalbard 79 North Latitude and Norway and the Sneffels Traverse 2022 with the Colorado crew!